Pure muscle—  
pronounced ribs stack in rows along his sides, 
his knobby back, like a child's dino toy.
The brindled fur, like a short-haired taupe tiger's,
the ears now standing straight. 
From 0 to 60 in seconds
front and back legs extend, pointing,
a solid line, despite his bulging stomach—
he's seen a rabbit.

Skills for a race track, beaten into his brain,
now it's a free, all-you-can-roam,
fenced-in yard. 
His canine snout breathes in the earth, 
an invisible winding path
leads to a disc of yellow, dead grass—
he's found the nest. 
One by one, he flings his head,
launching his prizes into the air. 
Stepping from the empty space
to the first place