Harmonies and Melodies

“[This] is the music in [my Spotify account].” — Troy and Gabriella, circa HSM2.

I’m going to be really honest right now. This month, King Princess has consisted of 95% of my listening time on Spotify. But, I managed to only include only one of her songs on this playlist that I’m about to share with you. In addition to KP, I included songs from some of my favorite artists right now—Subtle Pride, Chad Valley, The Japanese House, Troye Sivan, Frou Frou, girl in red, Furns, and a lot more. Oh, and I threw in a little Fleetwood Mac in there too. Don’t worry, it’s pretty much a “great song for any type of scenario” song.

Now, much like a link to a Spotify playlist for Alice from Alice in Wonderland to click…

Reagan Fleming