Technically a Senior?

Let's recap:

Almost as soon as I hit the middle-marker for the fall semester (my last semester of junior year - I know, I'm confusing), I spilled coffee on my laptop. And yes, it was completely fried. No, I did not save any of my work on an external drive or even Google Docs, and yes, this was insanely dumb. Did I completely lose all of my important documents, including the book I was working on? Yes. Sadly, the way that I ruined my computer isn't even a good story: 

I was at Starbucks with some friends, and the barista gave me a venti americano instead of a grande. When we sat down to do homework, I sat with one friend, and the other friend was at a table by herself. That friend at the table by herself started talking about a TLC show she watched, and my ears immediately perked up because I'm a sucker for TLC reality shows. I turned to tell her a funny little quip about the show and somehow hooked my arm around the cup and knocked it onto my computer. Miraculously, the lid didn't fall off, but only a tablespoon or so of coffee fell on the keys. But, it was enough for the computer to never fully turn on again. (Cue Sarah McLachlan). I was so in shock at what had just happened that when the barista came over to make conversation and check in, I was completely silent. 

Now, fast forward to the tail-end of the spring semester, and I'm officially a first-semester senior! (Insert a fun little jig). It's kind of surreal, actually, because after the next summer and fall semesters, I will be a college graduate. Woah.  

This semester has been the best semester thus far; I feel like I have grown as a person, student, and writer. And I've finally updated some things on my website! Hello, new "Words" folder! Here, I have 3 pages that you can peruse through; the "Poems" page, "Essays" page (which I will post essays on shortly), and the "Published Works" page. 

Currently, I am...

Reading: The Spectacular Now by Tim Tharp 

I'm reading this book for my Young Adult Literature class and using it as a primary source for my senior paper. (Let me just pause for a moment and say how great it is to be studying things in college that I truly enjoy.) It's a really good book, but it's a fantastic movie that stars Shailene Woodley and Miles Teller. Fun fact: it was produced by the same movie production company as Lady Bird!

Listening to: Troye Sivan and Dermot Kennedy

Honestly, I never get sick of Troye's music - please, oh please, go on tour.

Watching: 30 Rock and new episodes of New Girl

I mean, did we really think that I wouldn't be watching 30 Rock all the days of my life? And the newest season of New Girl isn't terrible! 

Reagan Fleming