Gap Year

Fall break is upon us (at least for me and my classmates) and I could not be more excited; Ohio has never looked more green and sunny, and the trees have never been more lush. Like how I want to spend most days, I am sitting outside at a coffee shop, with the sun beating down on my face. Today's drink is an iced americano with pumpkin syrup and cream. A girl to the table next to me is gabbing to her friend on how "okay" she is that her boyfriend isn't ready to commit, and some weird rock music is softly playing on the speakers overhead. Ahh, home.  

Some of you know that I took a year off of school. Some of you don't know that I did that, nor do you know that I'm even back at school. So there's your update on my life. 

I was at the point in my academic career where I wasn't settled on my choice of major, and I didn't know if I wanted to be at that university. So, I took a year off to work. I initially told myself that it would be just a semester, and that slowly turned into a year. But, I can honestly say that it was the best decision that I could have made; taking that year off helped me realize that yes, that university was the best one for me to attend, and yes, I wanted to finish my degree in Writing. I realize that some people take time off of school and they never go back - that was a possibility for me. Yet, during that time of being away from my college friends and not having a typical "student" life, I realized that I missed all the studying, the midnight Sonic runs, and most of all, the writing projects I had to do for my writing/English classes. My dad told my sister many years ago to "get a degree in something you love." I love writing. 

Now that I'm back in school - even though it took a while to get acclimated to everything again - I know that I'm supposed to be here. And that's a really good feeling. 

So. If you're ever unsure about college, or a job, or whatever it is - just take baby steps. It's okay to not know the whole picture.

Reagan Fleming